Who We Are


Ramsha Mirza Rahman was born to showcase her skills in the field of art, particularly in painting. A self-taught artist with a keen interest in acrylics and oil paints, she has been stroking the paint brush and asserting her vision on the canvas right from her school days.

She has studied ‘Design & Illustration’ from University of Arts, London that clearly reflects in her awe-inspiring paintings, ranging from contemporary to other art forms. Her ideas and thoughts are the canvas of the world that she keeps filling with new ideas and techniques. She has also successfully published a book by the name of ‘The Silver Lining’, which reflects the example of fluidity that she likes to portray in her work, be it a painting or a hand-drawn illustration.

Her works are a rendition of art and life, intersecting in the most harmonious manner. Having lived in France right after getting married, she is inspired from the dual life, which is nothing but her travel diaries being visually depicted. She believes in transcending the artistic genre to find refuge in the contemporary world & uses the medium of art for visual storytelling.

What We Do